About us

Polichem boasts a long tradition in development, registration and sale of innovative pharmaceutical products directly or through local distributors in over 85 countries worldwide. 

Its core business focuses on dermatology, dermocosmetics, gynaecology and respiratory.

Most of the current turnover comes from its own R&D original products. The company granted more than 40 patents in over 60 countries covering original formulations and pharmaceutical technologies applicable to large therapeutic areas. 

Following a forward-looking vision, Polichem owns patent protected development projects in various medical fields with a special focus on dermatology, gynaecology and immunology. 

With its broad range of experience in all aspects of medical product development, Polichem can offer its customers worldwide a high-quality, innovative product portfolio. Strong know-how and continuous investment in clinical and technological research is the secret of the commercial success of the company’s products.

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