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Vaginal discomfort may occur in every stage of life. Unsteady and sinking estrogen levels are leading to alterations in the vagina due to different reasons:

  • Reduced hormone production by the ovaries during menopause  
  • Temporary changed estrogen production after childbirth or during breast-feeding 
  • Possible estrogen deficiency during oral contraceptive treatment
  • Possible reduced estrogen production after surgery (e.g. ovarectomy) 

Vaginal dryness can occur when estrogen levels fall. This means that it is a very common problem during menopause or after hysterectomy. Vaginal dryness can also occur in breastfeeding women, in women taking contraceptives or at times of stress. It can also occur as a result of certain medical treatments.

Gynomunal® is specifically formulated to provide fast relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness as well as long-lasting effects in restoring the natural moistness of the vagina and aiding the natural healing process of the vaginal tissue. The product contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance used in many vaginal moisturizers because of its strong hydrating properties. It provides a protective film for damaged tissues to quickly reduce skin irritation and facilitate hydration, wound healing and tissue regeneration. It also enhances lubrication.
  • Natural hop extract helps stabilise and regenerate the vaginal tissues. 
  • Vitamin E protects against free radicals.
  • Liposomes which store water and slowly release it.


Intended use

Gynomunal® moisturizing gel is a Class IIA Medical device that was specifically developed for treating symptoms related to vaginal dryness in peri-and post menopausal women, including itching, burning and dyspareunia.

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