Product description

Ciclosan® shampoo is a unique association of ciclopirox olamine 1.5%, a well known antifungal agent and hydroxypropyl-chitosan, a patented, film-forming,  natural derivative agent.

Ciclopirox olamine has proven and documented efficacy in eliminating dandruff.

Hydroxypropyl-chitosan (HPCH) is permeable to air and moisture. It is highly flexible and forms an invisible and elastic film. HPCH increases the dispersion of other ingredients and is neither toxic nor irritant. It protects and reinforces the cheratin fibers of the hair, as documented in a number of studies.

The combined effect of Ciclopirox olamine and HPCH confers to Ciclosan® shampoo unique features: it eliminates dandruff, reduces flaking and irritation of the scalp, strengthens the hair structure, while increasing its volume.

Intended use

Cosmetic product specifically formulated for the relief and prevention of dandruff associated with red, itchy and flaky scalp.