Product description

Polichem has developed a proprietary patented technology based on hydroxypropyl-chitosan (HPCH), a hydrosoluble semi-synthetic derivative of chitosan, which acts as a film forming agent.

HPCH penetrates the intercellular spaces, filling in ridges, holes and other nail irregularities, supporting and strengthening the nail structure and smoothing its surface.

Besides providing a physical support, the nail plate filling with HPCH acts as a mechanical barrier, rendering it unsuitable to fungal growth. The formulation contains also ethanol, water and preservatives.

Piroctone olamine and climbazole are antifungals, belonging respectively to the family of pyridone derivatives and to that of azoles. In the solution they are used at low concentrations as preservatives.

The product is easy to use, providing a better consumer acceptability than currently available lacquers, with no need to remove it with organic solvents.

Intended use

Alterations of fingernails and toenails due to infectious or inflammatory disease or to physical and chemical damage.

  • Preventive use in subjects at risk (diabetics, elderly, swimmers, sport people, etc.)
  • Protection of the nail from damage due to fungal infection
  • Follow-up treatment in patients previously infected by onychomycosis
  • First choice for use in people with allergic problems to acrylic nail varnish and/or organic solvents