Inimur® Intim Lotion

Product description

Corn oil is allotted important regenerative properties due to its content in unsaponifiables. Like all the oils rich in essential fatty acids, it has a restructuring activity and reinforces the cutaneous barrier.  It thus helps to maintain the epidermis hydrated.

The corn oil contains a rich blend of glycerides and fatty acids as well as a number of phospholipids, which will moisturise and protect the skin. It has conditioning properties and is a natural source of vitamin E which protects cells from oxidation.

Inimur® Intim Lotion provides an anti-pruriginous effect via:

– gentle cleaning of skin and mucosae.

– long lasting emollient effect.

The active oil from peroxidised corn oil acts against skin irritations and itchiness. The mechanism of action is a competitive inhibition of the inflammatory receptors in the membrane.

Intended use

Inimur® Intim Lotion is a pH neutral gentle intimate hygiene product which naturally calms itching giving immediate and long-lasting soothing relief. To be used by women who suffer from genital itching and irritation and by menopausal women as daily intimate hygiene.