Product description

Polichem has developed a patented water-soluble technology based on hydroxypropyl-chitosan as a film-forming agent.

HPCH has affinity for air, is highly flexible and forms an invisible elastic film. It increases the dispersion of other ingredients and causes no toxicity or irritation.

Horsetail provides essential minerals which integrate with the keratin of the nail. Of all known herbs, horsetail contains the highest proportion of silica (7%). Silica has traditionally been used for maintaining strong nails and healthy, lustrous hair. It helps form collagen (the substance that joins cells and cements them together), hence its natural application for cracked, split or brittle nails. The herb equisetum arvense used in this highly effective nail lacquer is a natural source of organic silica.

Keratin, the main protein of the nail plate, is formed by fibres which are held together by disulphide bridges (bonds between two atoms of sulphur). Sulphur is the most important element for maintaining nail consistency. It is also a very important anti-infective agent and growth factor.

MSM, the only natural odourless sulphur donor, supplies sulphur, which is essential for the formation of keratin.

Intended use

Specifically formulated to solve nail problems or conditions due to fragile nails, superficial roughness, brittle or split nails. The lacquer also improves the appearance of the nails, and their consistency in case of abnormalities caused by psoriatic disease.