Product description

Zeloglin® has important moisturizing, lenitive and sebo-regulatory properties: the product forms an amino-polysaccharidic and lipo-amino-acidic film, acting as a physical barrier against UV rays and thermal changes.

The two components of the film, saccharidic and lipidic, act in a synergistic way and have a protective activity superior to that of the two components alone. Besides a clinically proven good efficacy, the product provides better consumer acceptability than currently available treatments due to its delicate consistency, being not fatty nor sticky.

The product is easy to use, providing a better consumer acceptability than currently available lacquers, with no need to remove it with organic solvents.

Intended use

Zeloglin® cream is indicated to manage and relieve the signs and symptoms of rosacea such as flushing, erythema, itching, burning and stinging. Zeloglin® cream helps to relieve dry skin by maintaining a moist skin environment, which is beneficial to a healing process while protecting skin from sunlight, external agents and sudden changes of temperature. It is also useful for protecting skin in other chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin, like leg and face teleangectasia (exaggerated dilation of capillary vessels).